An introduction to Animation

Animation can be defined as the illusion of movement created by showing a series of images in a brief period of time.

Animation as an art form started as early as the existence of intelligence. The Early humans from Stone Age used their imagination to create art form that represented illusion of movement.

Even Ancient Egyptians have created animation artworks. Egyptians drew progressive drawings in the outside pillars and on clay pots. These would include dances or fight sequences which establish the Egyptian heritage and their art.  Usually for a passing by horse rider or a chariot rider it would look as the drawings are moving creating animation.

Types of Animation

From the early times of animation, the method of creating animation is being evolved in to different technologies. Starting from the early methods of cell animation to the latest marvels of motion capture, technology has developed to reduce human labor and increased productivity.

Animation Technologies can be broadly classified in to three types.

They are,

  1. Traditional Animation
  2. Computer Generated Animation
  3. Stop-Motion Animation

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